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Design excellence and attention to detail have resulted in some clever weatherproofing ideas for Glas-STAX. Due to the nature of the product, frameless glasswalls can have limited weatherproofing properties. We believe Glas-STAX offers a quantum leap in effectiveness, out-performing all other products on the market.

an unbroken line of defense

Clear coextrusion bulb seal for effective yet barely visible glass-to-glass sealing
Ingenious end caps with QlonTM seals to channel water from the bulb seal to the outside
Flexible sweep seals to deter water from entering under rails
Seals continuous through endcaps for an unbroken line of defense
Glass bead seal to deter water dripping into the rail
Fineframe Stiles

Fineframe stiles have a positive male/female interlock fitted with two, double finger seals to protect against the harshest weather.

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