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Track Layouts Example

track layouts

One of the major features of Glas-STAX is the design flexibility of track layout. End-users are not always familiar with glass operable walls, so it is important that track systems involving junctions are easy to operate. Stacking refers to where and how the panels stack to the side of the opening. There are several choices which will suit different wall types and applications. Below are some typical layouts, with many others available.

single stack layouts

Endfold Pairs

Floating Endfold Center Stack

stack track layouts

Side StackRemote StackParallel Stack


Programmed Diverter Track SystemCurved Track System

Track layouts fitted with diverters guide panels in a pre-programmed direction making it error free for the end-user.The ultimate, easy-to-operate system features curved junctions so a panel can be pushed easily into the stacking area.

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