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Technical Information Example

technical information

glass thickness

Glas-STAX is designed to accept various thicknesses of glass

  • FRAMELESS: 1/2 3/4 tempered
  • FINEFRAME: 1/4 laminated or 1/4 tempered

The project engineer should provide the design wind pressure that the glass operable wall will need to withstand.

panel weights

Frameless 1/2" glass 7lb/sqft

5/8" glass 8lb/sqft

3/4" glass 10lb/sqft
Fineframe 1/4" glass 5lb/sqft

Exact weights depend on panel size and construction. Consult Glas-STAX for details.

sectional data

CAD drawings of track, suspension rails, seals, doors and locking action are available for download here. CAD drawings are also available in the Glas-STAX manual.

acoustical data

Formal acoustic opinions are available indicating Glas-STAX would achieve a laboratory rating of up to S.T.C. 30.

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