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Swing Sliders Example

swing sliders

The world’s most sophisticated glass operable wall systems generally offer swing sliders, panels that can pivot as a swing door but can also slide away into the stacking area. These can require complex locking and unlocking actions that if performed in the wrong sequence may result in the panel hitting the ground. Glas-STAX swing sliders feature a brilliant design that is simpler to use with a virtually fail-safe, two-step operation.


Step One  Step Two

Move the panel into position and lower the bottom Quicklock onto the recessed floorspring. The bottom Quicklock handle cannot be removed until it is firmly engaged.
Remove the bottom Quicklock handle and click it into the extension arm. The Quicklock handle now operates the Toplock with one simple push action.

Glas-STAX safety system

The dual action Quicklock handle means it is not possible to release the Toplock without first having secured the bottom Quicklock to take the weight of the door.

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